Placenta Encapsulation

Placentophagia is common in many countries but especially in western parts. It is believed that eating placenta has lots of benefits to a mother who gives birth. There are different ways on how to consume the placenta after the woman gives birth for her to get the benefits, including the prevention of post-partum depression. For those who are squeamish at the thought of eating placenta, it is now available in capsule form for the mother to use as a supplement after giving birth.

Tradition`l Chinese medicine recognized the placenta as a vital and powerful part of the healing process. After giving birth, mothers typically experience blood loss, drop of hormones and fatigue. All those things contribute to the development of postpartum blues or postpartum depression. Placenta capsules are the best way to take the placenta because a mother will no longer have to prepare it as a dish and also because it is ready to take and will immediately aid vitamin and mineral loss.

Post-Partum blues affects the majority of women and it interferes with the role of a mother to a child. For those that don't want to resort to drugs, placenta encapsulation is an ideal way to avoid any complications and problems after giving birth. Both mother and father must be aware of postpartum depression for them to know how to manage and prevent it before it gets worse. Below are the symptoms of postpartum blues:

1. Feeling of dependency
2. Lack of concentration
3. Unexplained sadness
4. Weepiness
5. Mood instability

Post-partum depression causes:

1. Emotional and physical stress of birthing
2. Sleep deprivation and fatigue
3. Rapid hormonal changes
4. Lack of support from family and husband/partner
5. Absence of partner during birth
6. Teen age pregnancy

These days more and more women are experiencing postpartum depression and mood disorder after giving birth. Using placenta capsules during the post-partum period can prevent those symptoms and save money on costly treatments that are common when depression occurs. Placenta encapsulation is the fastest and easiest way to consume your own placenta.
Placenta encapsulation benefits:

1. Has the ability to sustain, heal and strengthen the uterus
2. Increase the mothers energy
3. Enhances the milk supply
4. Balances the hormones
5. Replaces the minerals and vitamins that are lost due to blood loss
6. Increases post-partum iron level
7. Assists the uterus to return to its normal size
8. Shortens the post-partum bleeding
9. Prevents baby blues
10. Brings the body back to its normal balance

Women who are taking placenta capsules report that they are experiencing fewer emotional issues after giving birth. They also notice that there is an increase in happiness and energy during the post-partum period. Moms who are taking placenta capsules consider them as happy pills. The role of your placenta is not only beneficial to babies, but also has great benefits to mothers. If you are worrying if placenta capsules are safe and will not cause any illness, you should worry no more since the placenta powder you will be taking comes from you. There are kits available to encapsulate your own placenta and the process doesn't take long. You can immediately take the capsule the day after you gave birth.