Most Smokers Start Out With A Loose Wagon Of Chips

We are going to start this article pretty much the way most smokers start out. They certainly don't want to do themselves dirty. They are for the most part good folks. They come from all backgrounds. There's nothing in common that they share with fellow smokers-- except their loose wagons.

What do I mean by that? Well, when they start smoking, it's they all alone on their own who take in that first drag. No one's lips or mouth's there but theirs. And the lungs they drag that smoke into are all theirs. And the arms and fingers that move those cigarettes from mouths back and forth are theirs, too. No one else is pulling the strings.

Their wagon is free from all the other wagons. No one is hitched to another. Certainly, there could be many loose wagons there when they take that first nauseous drag, but say it however you wish, they're on their own.

Now that wagon of theirs also contains what I call chips. What do I mean by chips? Well, chips could be grudges they have that they want to act out- get back at other folks- make others pay for their looseness.

But not all kids take up smoking as a payback. A lot of kids take up smoking with a wagon of chips which shows they're entitled to do what they wish or don't wish. They like the idea of their entitlement and certainly can't see ahead to when entitlement also entitles them to serious illness pullbacks.

If you can picture all over the world-young folks starting out with their loose wagons and circling around the loose wagons of others-all bent on the thrill of smoking- then you can begin to see the cruel dynamics that await them in the future.

...I recall being near a conversation a man was having over the phone with some out-of-town guy- they were talking business... And it went on and on and on.

Someone standing there quipped to another guy there- "Is it a dog or a cat?" And when I asked him what that phrase was supposed to mean- he said, "You know he's been going on for almost an hour, and I'm wondering what is going to be the outcome."

And another man said--in answer to his words-"Probably"...And again I asked, 'What does 'probably' mean?' He turned to me and said, "Something always has to happen... We may not see it at the time, but it sure does. It is always a dog or cat!"

That's stuck with me as I've pondered on the smokers who start out with loose wagons of chips...They may not think much is going to happen-but sure as lungs and hearts heave-ho, the result will either be a dog or a cat. (It's just the way the world keeps track.)

They should never think that nothing comes from smoking Something always comes from smoking.

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