Flipper Teeth

Inexpensive false teeth that fit into the mouth like a partial denture are called flipper teeth. The false teeth are made ott of acrylic and attached to an acrylic resin base. Since the flipper teeth are of lesser quality than a traditional partial denture, they are not considered a permanent solution to tooth replacement.

A flipper tooth is used until the person can afford to get a permanent tooth replacement like a dental bridge, partial denture, or dental implant. The fake tooth of the flipper may be made of plastic or porcelain. Since the entire apparatus is usually made from plastic, the flipper is not as strong as traditional dentures.

Since the flipper tooth can only be used temporarily, many people may view a flipper as not worth the investment. Though the flipper can cost between two hundred and five hundred dollars, this price is significantly less than the permanent tooth replacement options. There are several reasons why a flipper tooth can be worthwhile.

Some patients prefer to use flippers and replace them as necessary rather than spend more money for a traditional denture or other permanent way to replace missing teeth. If a person intends to get a dental implant, bridge, or denture but does not have the money or insurance to cover the cost, a flipper tooth can allow the person to replace the tooth while saving money for the tooth replacement.

Dental flippers are the only recommended method of tooth replacement for adolescents who have lost a permanent tooth due to tooth decay or injury. A dental bridge or implant would interfere with the natural growth of the adolescent's jaw. The flipper hides the gap from a missing tooth which can help prevent the child from being teased in school.

Gaps in the teeth that are caused by missing teeth can make a person self-conscious about their smile or eating in public. They may feel the need to cover their mouth when they laugh. A dental flipper can make the people who are missing teeth more self-confident about their appearance.

Even if the person plans to get dentures as soon as possible after having teeth pulled, the swelling of the gums can take several weeks to subside completely. The swelling should be gone before getting fitted for a denture. Otherwise, the denture will not fit securely.

The patient can use a flipper while waiting for the end of the swelling. This way, the person can continue to go to work or school without feeling embarrassed about the gap from the missing teeth. Typically, the dentist recommends waiting a few weeks before being fitted for the partial denture.

A dental flipper is removed and cleaned every night like a denture. Thorough cleaning of the denture is necessary to prevent the buildup of bacteria that can cause bad breath. The flipper teeth need to be handled with caution since they are not as strong as a regular denture.

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