Smoking Cessation With Hypnotherapy

Smoking is a Killer. Are You a Survivor? If so, Hypnotherapy will help you to Survive.

If you are a smoker and you are reading this article, congratulations. This is your first positive step to kicking that self-destructive habit. Using Hypnotherapy can kick the habit.

Over the years, hypnotherapy has become a proven and reliable therapy. You must, however, be certain that you want to kick the habit for the right reason. The reason and decision must be entirely yours and not someone else making it on your behalf.

For hypnotherapy to be of optimum use to you, you need to know that you can light up a cigarette, hold it in your hand, look at it and truly know that you no longer want it controlling your life and that you definitely don't want it in your life any more. If this is truly the case, then you are in the right mental attitude to allow the hypnotherapist to give you suggestions that your unconscious mind will readily accept.

The suggestions used in hypnotherapy are powerful ones and the most relevant to eliminate the continued desire for cigarettes.

Once you take the habit of smoking from your life and become a permanent non-smoker you must ensure that you continue on the road to optimum health. You have removed a so called pleasure or dependency from your life and you will need to be confident that all future pleasures will be safe and legal. If you are uncertain of what the replacement should be, if you feel you need one, then through hypnotherapy we can communicate to your unconscious and get answers.

We may start by assessing your eating pattern ie how much, when and quality of the food you eat. As you will no longer smoke, you will no longer be inhaling into your system thousands of toxic chemicals. You have significantly reduced the risk of heart disease, stroke and cancer etc from stopping smoking. Therefore, you need to ensure that you are not putting your health at risk by other means.

Make sure that you are not swallowing any harmful chemicals either, in the form of additives and preservatives found in so much of our food today. Look towards 'cleaning' up your diet as well as your lungs. Hypnotherapy will help you to make these positive life changes in a way that meets with your approval and by identifying any unconscious objections you may have and dealing with them in the most appropriate way. Similarly if you have any conscious objections, these can be addressed and dealt with.

As a non-smoker you will find that you are more energetic, and will want to make use of your new found stamina. Some kind of exercise regime might be favourable to you, depending on your current state of health and current lifestyle. Hypnotherapy can aid you in becoming more physically motivated if that is an issue.

The final outcome of using Hypnotherapy to become a non-smoker.

The psychological advantages of becoming a non-smoker are vast. You will be highly confident as a result of this achievement and back in control of your life. Free from the slavery of those cigarettes, and not having to find the time during a working day to go off and smoke in a place where smoking is permitted. Also knowing that half the population does not like being around a smoker; smelling the stale smoke around them or on their breath.

One final word of warning that you must seriously be aware of, and that is in life, bad things happen. Sometimes only moderately bad, other times worse. Be prepared for such times, and when they happen, because they always do, be proactive.

Hypnotherapy will prepare you for the days, months and years ahead.

Be prepared, react in a way that is courageous, a way that reflects the highly self-esteemed person that you have become. Overcome these future obstacles by confronting them, and dealing with them head on. This way, you will never turn towards a cigarette as a way of escaping from reality or as a way of avoidance, as so often, many people do.

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Debbie Winstanley is a qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist, EFT and NLP Practitioner and Business and Life Coach.

Hypnotherapy has been found to be highly effective in helping people become permanent non-smokers. Many other anxiety based issues can be successfully dealt with using hypnotherapy. It is a non invasive talking therapy whereby the recipient feels extremely relaxed and comfortable throughout the session.

At the end of the session it is perfectly safe to drive and return to normal every day activities.