Quick Tips For Weight Loss - 6 Pack Abs

Here's a light read for you but a true tale which looks at how small changes in your eating habits can dramatically improve your chances of obtaining 6 pack abs. The conundrum; do you eat to live or do you live to eat? I have heard this saying so many times. What is true about this saying? Well, the first one is definitely true. You need to eat food to live. The second one is actually also true when you associate it to your social and conversational life, your pastime, hobby and interests. What's one of the first things people ask you when you get back from vacation (after how was the weather)? How was the food! So, surely the second one is also true when you put it in context.

So, food plays a huge role in our lives for living and for play but also plays a critical role in fitness and more specifically contributes to the development of those elusive abs. Yes, there's huge amounts of scientific research, nutritional studies, calorie counts and specific advice and guidance on this subject matter which is at your fingers tips by just typing your request in to the Google search bar. This particular article is not intended to delve in to these areas since they tend to take some calculative understanding and practice. Besides, who wants to be counting calories anyway....?

It doesn't need much thought, organization or planning and it is free and easy to make a quick start on your journey to attain your 6 pack abs for yourself by following these 4 simple quick tips as listed below. As I have said, the below tips are the start. If you want those 6 pack abs to become visible quicker, look bigger and be stronger, further work needs to be done.

1. Do not forget to eat breakfast. This meal not only charges you up but it's the one meal that you can work off during the day.

2. Do not eat just before you go to bed. This meal will keep you awake with your stomach trying to break down the food and it's the one meal you will not be able to work off.

3. Do chew your food - a lot. You can fool your brain that you are eating more than you are and therefore your brain will tell you are full up. Besides, chewing also reduces the risk of indigestion and also helps out the digestive system.

4. Do try to reduce food with high calories and low energy. Yes you know those delights like cream, snacks and fast food. Ok, you may get a buzz from them but the buzz rapidly dives and you are then hungry again soon after. And the calories are still clinging to your belly. (Notice I said reduce and not cut out - cutting out is of course better as it will speed up the weight loss. But as I said in the first paragraph above, we do also live to eat).

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Darren David is an author and fitness enthusiast. Darren has studied and reviewed numerous fitness programs and practiced and taught free style kick boxing martial arts during his career. Visit my blog for some interesting discussion, insider secrets and some free stuff http://thebestabsworkouts.com/blog.